You boating organization should have policies as to the use of drones and a drone operations manual. We can help put a custom program together for your organization. Here are some of the things you should think about an have in a drone programs:

  • Will your organization own the drone?
    • If the boating organization owns the drone, who should have access and for what purposes?
    • Where will the drone be kept?
    • We recommend getting insurance for the program from Gowrie Business Insurance, to cover your organization.
    • What training does the drone operator need to operate the boating organization’s drone? We recommend training hands-on training in the Training Tab. We will be offering a hands-on Drones 4 Boating course October 8-10, between the Annapolis Sailboat and Powerboat Shows.
    • We recommend using a drone mission planning, drone management, flight auditing program. I use CQNet to plan my flights, track maintenance on my Phantom 4 Pro and to do post-flight anaysis.
  • If the drone is owned and operated by a volunteer or drones-as-a service company, there are different policies.
    • How will