Drone operators need to be well prepared and equipped to handle complex tasks at all times. Having the ability to properly perform and execute flight under stressful conditions comes from training.

Global Aerospace insurance recently released a study on drone safety and found that at least 75% of accidents are directly attributable to pilot error caused by the operator’s poor knowledge of the system or inappropriate flight response.

To be honest, I lost my first drone because I did not know how to handle an emergency situation.

There a lots of places to get the training you need to pass the FAA Knowledge exam and earn your Part 107 Remote Pilot in Command. But to operate your drone safely and provide the best uses for your boating organization, you need hands-on-training.

Drones 4 Boating Hands-on Course We will be offering a 1-day course specifically designed for using drones on the water and for boating organizations. The Drones 4 Boating hands-on course will be offered during the Annapolis Boat Show, October 2018.

Basic Part 107 Training Courses

I found Tony & Chelsea's YouTube FREE Part 107 Drone Certification work for me, but I am a private pilot. Here is the link.

If you don't have an aviation background, you might find a formal program a better way to get your Part 107 Remote Pilot in Command. There are Part 107 Certification Online and In-the Classroom programs. I recommend Consortiq's programs.

The Online Part 107 Prep Course is $99  Part 107 Essentials

Flight Lessons

The UAS Essentials Ground School consists of two days of classroom learning. This will be facilitated by two instructors, one with a primary background in manned aviation and one from a drone operational background who is currently working in the industry at the highest levels. This combined experience is unique to Consortiq and ensures you receive the best instruction available to help you gain your Part 107 certificate. Part 107 Ground School

Passing the Part 107 knowledge test is an important step towards advancing your organization or career with drone technology, but what comes next? For anyone new to the industry, it is critical to know how to use drones safely and efficiently before carrying out any missions. This course will teach you the ins and outs of putting drones in the sky safely. UAS Flight Essentials