Once the images are captured by the drone, the next challenge is processing the images. Drone photos and video are very large files. Here are some ideas for image processing:

DJI GOAp – Within th GOAp there is some simple editing and video processing. Here is a DJI Tutorial:

iMovie – I use Apple’s iMovie, which is pretty easy to use and edit, but the files you start with are really large and take time to transfer into iMovie. Once in iMovie you can add still pictures, titles, transitions, and music. Here is a tutorial on iMovie:


Other software includes FinalCut, Drone Deploy, and Pix4d. I have not used these yet. Once I check them out I will provide a review.

Live Stream – DJI GOAp has an option to live feed to FaceBook, YouTube and Wiebo,  To live stream you need strong internet data and it will consume a large amount of data in your data plan. Here is a DJI Tutorial on live streaming: